17/365 Lizard Suicide attempt.

17/365 Lizard Suicide attempt.

It's always interesting at the Olsen home. Today after church, I came in to find Tina (one of our cats) with a live lizard in her mouth. That little guy will regret the day he stepped in to the garage inhabited by three cats. Can you say LUNCH?

So Tina caught the lizard and brought it into the house (through the cat door) to play with. I spotted the little green thing running across my living room floor quickly fallowed by an orange streak that was obviously my youngest cat bringing me a prize. After chasing Tina down for a few minutes I finally cornered her and the lizard and put it in this yellow gift bag. Grabbed my camera and ran out to set it free.

This makes the second lizard in a week that the cats have brought in for mommy. Only the first was gobbled up by Bubs before I could do anything about it. Lucky for this guy I was home to rescue him where others have not been so lucky.

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