18/365 Diagnosis? Fibroadenoma?

18/365 Diagnosis? Fibroadenoma?

Today I had my first ever mammogram. This was to diagnose a lump found on my breast. After some time in the Diagnostic Center I was told that it was most likely Fibroadenoma. A tumor that is normally benign. But there are rare cases where the tumor is malignant. I'm one of the people that may fall into this category. After looking at the imagery the doctor gave me a of 3 on the tumor grade scale (scale of 1-4). The cells of Grade 3 or Grade 4 tumors are usually poorly differentiated or undifferentiated high-grade tumors, and are generally the most aggressive in behavior.

So what does that mean? Next week I'll have a biopsy of the lump. Plain and simple. I'll get the results back in 5-10 business days and I'll know more then.

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  1. I hope all is going well for you...
    (sorry for my english because i'm french!)


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